Sahaja Meditation is priceless!

I have been using this website’s online meditation courses and both the iPhone and iPad app for over a month now and finally, I am meditating! I started “meditating” several years ago only to learn that I was just practicing relaxation techniques, which are still good, but it’s not meditation…

Sahaja Meditation iPad Application has been released!

We are very happy to announce that our iPad Application is now available to download on iTunes. 10 Class meditation course, meditation music, excerpts, Self-realization, chakra knowledge and more…

College students use Sahaja Yoga Meditation for Stress-Reduction and to Feel More Joy in life

Are you feeling stressed out lately by your college classes and all the pressures of college life in general?  Sahaja Yoga Meditation can definitely help you.  In some colleges in the USA, Sahaja Meditation is being offered as part of the college curriculum for FYE…

What is Sahaja Meditation?

What if there was a simple method for you to tap into the power and energy that lieslying deep within you, allowing you to — and at the same time better yourself emotionally, physically and mentally? Sahaja Meditation is just that — a system of guided mental relaxation and inner balancing techniques that can bring about profound spiritual and emotional calm, wellness and clarity….

What Sahaja Meditation means to a young man, Keshava

Video testimonial by Keshava about the benefits of Sahaja Yoga meditation…

Loving the temple of Spirit

Every time you meet a yogi who is in love with himself enough to enjoy the daily practice of Sahaja Meditation you will notice some extra radiance all over his/her face. There is no secret product but a simple matter of awareness with an extra touch of brightness is that treatment…

‘Music of Joy’ Concert and Meditation in Vancouver

Enjoy a spiritual and uplifting combination of Indian Music and Meditation performed by the Music of Joy music group and presented by Sahaja Meditation at the Collingwood Neighbourhood House in Vancouver …

The inner transformation takes place

As soon as the Kundalini rises all the feelings of anxiety and dissatisfaction are dissolved, person feels complete peace within himself and above all the thought process slows down and even stops.


The universe is made of the same elements which make up our physical bodies. Therefore it is managed by the same principles that manage our subtle being. One of the fundamental divine principles is collectivity.

New free meditation class in Maple Ridge,BC

After an overwhelming response from our first Free Sahaja Meditation Workshop in the Pitt Meadows Library (Feb 2009), we are now adding another workshop for the people of Maple Ridge.