Wonderful pleasure to have this meditation

Wonderful pleasure to have this meditation


I would just like to say that it has been a real wonderful pleasure to have this meditation as a part of my daily life over a number of years now.

I can remember it seeing me through my University days, just helping to start the day in balance and with a decent level of detachment that would allow me to arrive for lectures like a sponge and just soak in whatever was being imparted. Around the same time I also came into contact with friends who would consistently have a hard time every night just getting to sleep and having a restful night – something I really took for granted.

Meditating twice a day is now second nature, and every day the journey still continues of learning more about myself, and changing for the better. It makes a total difference to me and I know it makes a difference to the people I care about around me.

I have a few more experiences which I’ve posted here: http://kalkalith.tigblog.org/

Thanks for creating such a vibrant and supportive site. It’s making a difference!

Gautama – CANADA

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  • Anabela
    May 3, 2010
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    I cant say that is a wonderful pleasure as you said! Pleasure seems something to consumption. BUT,
    I can say is totally unprecedented, worth, beautiful from within and outside.
    Like mild bread on breakfast, we eat everyday, share with others and the whole day is saved!
    This is what meditation have done to me:
    The taste to live fully confident – the present!

    The best gift of God Almight.



  • Lotus
    May 27, 2010
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    Why did u stopped writing in ur blog since 2008? Well keep writing and share with us.

    With Love



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