Flowing in the ocean of love

Flowing in the ocean of love

My journey with Sahaja Yoga started some 3 years back when i was in pre-final year of my engg. Every time i could feel myself flowing in the Ocean of Mothers love. I was able to quit my drinking and smoking in a very sahaj manner. Infact the whole life became so sahaja. It is like I got the true meaning of my life which is very far from materialism. The belief that whatever happens will be the best is completely settled within me through my experiences in Sahaja Yoga. Miracles has become a part of daily life. I always feel under the divine protection of our Mothers love. The whole life has become so meaningful. By giving us vibrations Mother has made us so powerful that we can always find the absolute truth without getting ourselves entangled in something false.
Thank you Shri Mataji for giving us this blissful life.

Gautam – India

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