It happened to me one day…

It happened to me one day…

I started practicing Sahaja Yoga at the age of 9. Actually it was my parents who first took to it. Of course, I was just a child then and I didn’t know anything about meditation. Actually, I was just blindly following them. However, I remember they used to tell me stories of how people got their Self Realization and what wonderful experiences they had. But since I was so young, I could never really comprehend the importance of these stories.

But just about 3 years back I got the desire to experience it firsthand, just like in the stories I was told. Deeply yearning to achieve this, I used to sit down to meditate every evening before the photograph of Shri Mataji and sincerely desired to experience it, just like it has been written down in holy scriptures.

I even sometimes read spiritual books, such as the Lalitasahasranamam, meaning the thousand names of the Goddess, to help me go deeper into the experiences. Still, I could not feel anything. Honestly, I almost gave up hope.

But last year, something happened.

I was attending a meditation program and then, It happened.

I was attending a meditation program and then, It happened.

I was attending a meditation class held in Bombay last year. It happened when I least expected it.  Halfway through the meeting, I felt something like a worm, but very very cool at the same time, moving up along my spine.  I felt as if some unknown parts of my body were coming into existence, and getting awakened.  Then this cool “worm” (although I now know it as the Kundalini) went out through the top my head. Waves after waves of a very cold fluid started to flow out of my head. Miraculously, I could smell the fragrance of flowers, like sandal, although there were not any nearby. My mind became completely silent for the first time. I was thoughtless and just witnessing the beauty of it.

This experience left a deep impact on me. Even now, a year after that, I can still now see the beauty with which the creator has created this Mother Earth and how man in his ego is not respecting it. Although words can never convey the true beauty of this process, I have made a humble effort to write it down for all the seekers.

May the experience that Shri Mataji has opened to everybody reaches all the seekers of this world.

Lots of love
Rohit – India

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  • Bhagya
    Jun 22, 2009
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    Beautiful!!!! We Could fell the Joy!!!!



  • axinia
    Jun 23, 2009
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    what a wonderful experience…and we can have much more!

    I remember smelling the scent of sandal too..



  • Marilyn
    Jun 23, 2009
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    Beautiful. Thank you.

    Sandalwood perfume reminds me that once when we were watching a video of Shri Mataji in wintertime here in Rome I could smell the sweet perfume of freesias very strongly, although there were non at all in the hall. The video was paused several times for someone to translate the words into Italian and the perfume would vanish only to return when they restarted the video.
    Wrapped around the microphone which Shri Mataji was speaking through there was a bouquet of freesias.

    much love



  • Kalpana
    Jul 23, 2009
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    Beautiful experience narrated here. Thank you so much to share. Could be used as pointers to younger kids who are still trying to explore the experience of kundalini awakening..



  • Cheryl
    Sep 16, 2009
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    Thanks for sharing Rohit
    very inspiring your story gave me joy!



  • Divya
    Jul 23, 2010
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    Very well described. Thanks for sharing it.



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