Expression of feeling

Expression of feeling

This writing is very joy giving to me.
The love of divine flowing through me is inspiring me to write…
In Sahaja Yoga, I discovered my love for writing and felt that why not write what I feel and ended up with this few lines.
Sahaja Yoga meditation gave me a different vision to look at life.
Through Sahaja Yoga one day we all will have this vision.

My feelings they evince by merely stepping in to my writings………

Here is a small expression of my feelings………

The vision I have is full of joy,

And is as beautiful as stars in the sky.

The feeling of love is so joy giving,

The words are less to describe my feeling.

My heart is now full of compassion,

Which desires to give like the flowers in the garden.

The essence of love is reflected in the beautiful nature,

Like the Ocean is blue but we see green color.

My eyes are two but can have this vision,

Like a being in the divines devotion.

The vision I have is full of joy,

And is as beautiful as stars in the sky.

The seven qualities have their own beauty…

Innocence is vast and part of every being…….
Innocence gives us dignity, balance, and a tremendous sense of direction and purpose in life.
It is nothing but simplicity, purity and joy, It gets some time clouded but cannot be destroyed ….

Desire.…………….. Every living being has desire,
This beautiful world is the creation of pure desire..

Satisfaction ……. To be satisfied in your own spirit is very joy giving……

Compassion… ….A heart full of compassion just opens up for all that is good and beautiful…

Detachment…… Detachment creates pure and loving relationship, and make us achieve our responsibilities…

Forgiveness….. The most powerful quality, you can establish pure love for others my empowering this quality…..

Integration….. The feeling of one with the whole………

Shalaka – India

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