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Search for Truth


Kumar Perumal



When-Where-How did you start Sahaja Yoga?

It all started in 1979-80, in an Auditorium of K.C. College at Churchgate in Mumbai I got my Self-realization under Shri Mataji. Next day my whole body was light as feather. My curiosity made to search more and I am still continuing it. I enjoy very much. I helps to keep away from negativity. It is starting to know the truth, it helps to go internal search to know Brahman.

What benefits did you get from Sahaja Yoga meditation?

It helps in difficult time to keep clam. It helps to heal your body faster and to recover. It helps to bring more self confidence to face the world. You come to know for what purpose you have come in this world.

Additional comments

There is no end in learning the spiritualism.

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