Benefits I get from Sahaja Yoga

Benefits I get from Sahaja Yoga

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Prakash Amin



When-Where-How did you start Sahaja Yoga?

I started Sahaja Yoga in the year 2003 in Gujarat, India. My brother Deepak Amin told me about Sahaja Yoga. He is doing Sahaja Yoga from 2002. As you may know that there are lot of false gurus, black magicians, etc in india. We do not believe in all these people, but we have faith in God; we regularly pray to God in Temple and at home. I was doing all this but still drinking and gambled a little. I was taking tobacco and using lot of bad language and having adulterous eyes and lying. A lot of bad habbits and I was just enjoying the false life, having so much physical problems like stomach problems, headaches, feeling insecurity of life with wealth, health, etc, and financial problem also. I have only 48 kg weight and I am 30 years old. My brother had the same story, but he joined Sahaja Yoga in year 2002. One of his friends brought him to Sahaja Yoga. After more than one and a half years, my brother called me and told me, Prakash now we have found the way of life which we actually had been looking for for so many years. I said what’s that, he told me about Sahaja Yoga and he told me some small introduction to go to the Sahaj centre in my city and have Self Realisation. My brother’s instruction for me is final, I couldn’t deny him. I told my brother why are you telling me so late, as you are doing for the past one year. He told me that I my self want to see first what actually is this and now I get the answer this is the end of searching in life, there after no other way, that’s why I am telling you to go and get your Self-realization.

I went to the centre and took Self Realisation. Still there were obstacles to attend the centre and doing meditation regulary, due to outside attachments, friends, fun, etc. I want to thank my brother who regularly checked on me and asked about my improvement, guiding me. I never would cut any word of my brother and as per his instruction, I am going regularly to centre and started meditating at home. At that time my wife was not doing Sahaja Yoga. But after 2 years of coming to Sahaja Yoga I was still taking alcohol and tobacco. I undersood that it was not good, my spirit was now awakened and he did not allow me to continue with these habits. I could understand all my faults, and I didn’t know when and where all these habbits left me. I changed a lot. Seeing all the changes in me, my wife started coming to Sahaja Yoga. I can say that there are a lot of miracles. I can say that everyday a miracle happens to me, making me very dedicated towards my spiritual growth through meditation. Even small, small things are taken care of. I am helped at every moment in my life, I have no words, I have been given a new birth, absolutely a new birth. Now I am 67 kg weight can you imagine and 38 years old, but look like I am still 32. Today my old friends, family members and relatives are surpised to see my way of life. Only by God’s blessing we have wealth, happiness, peace, everything. We have wealth, but no desire except Sahaja Yoga,

There are many facts and miracles but its too long to write we can share some other days.

What benefits did you get from Sahaja Yoga meditation?

Your Qusetion What benefits did you get from Sahaja Yoga……I want to say that ask me which benefit I do not get from Sahaja Yoga.

Additional comments

After coming to Sahaja Yoga we must meditate daily and very important thing I just want to share that we have to completely surrender each and every moment of our life to Mother Kundalini.

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