I never knew I could feel such joy

I never knew I could feel such joy





When-Where-How did you start Sahaja Yoga?

I started meditation in August of 2009. A year and a few months later, I am confident that I have embarked on the most beautiful of journeys and can always find the answers within myself.

What benefits did you get from Sahaja Yoga meditation?

My mental state was fragile and I never could have imagined that I could experience the level of bliss I experience on a daily basis. I had been hospitilized for various mental illnesses in the past and had attempted suicide a few months before my introduction to sahaj. I recovered within the context of the mind, but never could I imagine that I could go beyond the mind in such a powerful way.

I began meditating regularly after a few months of classes and I have been able to look back at my life and see life as a large learning experience. I have been meant to dettach, forgive, have pure attention, courage and become fearless. Furthermore, I know how to navigate the most precarious of circumstances with meditation. I have knowledge and I know I can turn towards this beautiful energy within me in order to solve the harshest of problems. I can only thank the universe for Shri Mataji and the message that she brings.

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