How I came to Sahaja Yoga and cured my asthma

How I came to Sahaja Yoga and cured my asthma


Anton Tkachev



When-Where-How did you start Sahaja Yoga?

I started practising meditation in the city of Novosibirsk (Russia), where I had beed studying at a university for about 3.5 years.

Sahaja Yoga practitioners of Novosibirsk often gave realization to people in various calm and beautiful resting-places around the city. They simply bring with them a picture of Shri Mataji or a sketch of the human subtle system and tell passersby about Sahaja Yoga if they ask. Once I went for a walk at the Lenin Square with friends, to see the celebration of the City’s birthday in 2007. There we saw two ladies with a sketch of the subtle system. We were intrigued and asked the ladies what it meant. They told us about Kundalini, chakras and their qualities and led us through the affirmation exercise for Kundalini awakening. They also gave each of us an invitation card to the beginners’ Sahaja Yoga classes. The affirmation exercise was so easy to do. We all felt cool or warm breeze. I felt cool breeze in spite of the fact that it was really hot outdoors that day. It was so amazing, I could hardly believe it. Nevertheless, I didn’t catch the sense of Sahaja Yoga then. It took me another year to start visiting beginners’ Sahaja Yoga classes. I attended them in the autumn of 2008 for the first time. The instructor told me again about the subtle system and Kundalini and gave my Self-realization. After that I felt very happy and joyful. I wanted to tell everyone about it and to share it with someone immediately! I will never forget this wonderful happening. The instructor impressed me very much. I can’t help admiring her. She is a very pleasent, mild, loving and kind-hearted lady. I thought there were no such people in the whole world before I met her. And she was like a mother for me for a while. I shoud say that my parents lived in another place and I missed them very much. It was extemely difficult to recognize Shri Mataji as my spiritual teacher. And I was really shocked that Sahaja Yoga practitioners ask Shri Mataji to purify their chakras and to treat their problems. So I visited beginners’ classes now and then, for about half a year. I paid no regard to meditation at home. Sahaja Yoga practitioners told me so many times I should meditate at home every day, I should practise footsoaking treatment. I was a very a hard nut to crack 🙂 But once I said to myself: ”OK, let’s ultimately follow their recommendation for a week or something and see how it works”. I think that was a day I came to Sahaja Yoga. Now I have a lot of friends among Sahaja Yoga practitioners. We spend so much time together: sing, dance, give self realization to people and we are so happy. We all are spiritual brothers and sisters. And it seems nothing can stop us if our Mother wants us to do something. This story showed me how our Shri Mataji’s love may work through us, how patient, forgiving and compassionate it is.

What benefits did you get from Sahaja Yoga meditation?

I suffered from allergy and bronchial asthma since my early childhood. I really couldn’t live without medications. I had to take several capsules and use an inhaler every day. Without medication my life was practically unbearable. Some people joked that in comparison with the inhalation doses I took every day, modern medicine may only prescribe me a fence around my tomb to treat my asthma. 🙂

After half a year of daily meditation practice, I felt better. I didn’t need so many types of medication. Now I don’t take any medicine at all and feel very healthy. And also now I can hardly catch a cold, although I used to be ill four times a year some time ago.

I can’t say that my illnesses are now completely cured. But if I feel bad, I just need to meditate for 10 or 20 minutes to manage. And this illness doesn’t disturb me for a long time after such a treatment. I’m looking forward to cure my illnesses completely.

Sahaja Yoga meditation helpes me greatly with my studies and work. It has so many aspects that I even can’t name all of them here. It transforms your entire life, your attitude and makes everything around you much better.

I feel a tremendous gratitude to Shri Mataji and all Sahaja Yoga practitoners for these miracles. Thank you, Mother! But it is nothing to say so…

Additional Comments

It is extrimely important to know that Sahaja Yoga works if you aim to grow spiritually. I suffered from my illnesses for 20 years and had accepted them. In Sahaja Yoga, I never dreamed to cure them. They were cured by Shri Mataji’s love, I think. But if your only desire when practising Sahaja Yoga is for you to be cured, it may not work. It’s true. In this case, I would like to advise to practice meditation as sincerely as you can and recognize Shri Mataji.

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    WONDERFUL! Thank you forma sharing. It giles me hope.



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