Peace in the Combat Zone

Peace in the Combat Zone


Garry D Gomez



When-Where-How did you start Sahaja Yoga?

I deployed to Afghanistan last summer (2010). As I left behind all the distractions of a confused and reckless life, I decided to begin a search for truth. I began reading scriptures and books on spirituality, and later on meditation and yoga. I could feel there was a God, an all powerful force of good who created all things, and I wanted to find it. It seemed my search would never end until Spring came, about half a year later.

One day I was online and I saw a link that caught my eye for some reason, and it led me to the video of Shri Mataji giving Self-Realization. I felt something inside telling me to try it, but since I was in a crowded internet tent I just wrote down what she said, and where to put your hands. Later that evening I walked to a secluded place so I could try this Sahaja Yoga Meditation. To my greatest surprise and joy I could feel my kundalini rise up my spine! It was at that moment when I knew I had found the truth! I had finally found something that worked, something to fulfill my longing for God. It felt warm as it gently made it’s way up my spine. I continued this meditation everyday and when the kundalini reached the very top of my head I was able finally enjoy the silence. I had found peace in the combat zone of Afghanistan!

What benefits did you get from Sahaja Yoga meditation?

Meditation helped me on deployment, by giving me a sanctuary inside myself. Whatever was going on outside, it didn’t matter. I had the source of peace inside me! It also worked out subtly on my squad members, they became more calm.

Now 9 months after receiving my realization, I feel that meditation has completely changed me. I feel I am guided in everything I do, I am looked after and protected. My personality has greatly improved. I have become a very calm and happy person. My only desire is to grow deeper in Sahaja Yoga, and to share this joy with others.

Additional Comments

Congratulations on finding the truth! This meditation will transform you into the person you were meant to be, if you let it. Find people who have been meditating for a while and if possible join them for meditations. They will be very helpful and open with their knowledge, they’ll give you the guidance you need. If you can’t join them physically, send an email or call. There’s plenty more to learn and it can only help you to be eager. Most important thing is to meditate regularly, every morning and evening. Adding a footsoak in the evening will speed your progress.

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  • Pauline
    Sep 21, 2011
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    How beautifully said. Nice to meet you, and thankyou. Good Luck, and hope you’re home with your family, and other yogis, soon. Regards, Pauline



  • anaic
    Sep 23, 2011
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    Gary, this is it ! You are on the right track, these feelings of peace and joy have no limits ! Once you start tasting it, it is a great journey that begins for you; when you can share it with others, It becomes easier and even more powerful



  • Prasad
    Sep 28, 2011
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    Hi Gary,
    That was such a nice expereince. I hope I get scuccess in reaching our armed forces and sharing with them this simple meditation technique.



  • Gabriel Wu
    Mar 1, 2012
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    Hi Gary,

    I am currently practicing Sahaj as well, it be nice if you can share your experiences with me and vice versa. Much appreciate if you could write to me as per my email ([email protected]). Thanks!



  • Manish
    Dec 11, 2017
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    Jai Shree Mataji Garry,

    What a beautiful experience you have shared.

    we could feel the vibrations when you were explaining your first experience of raising kundalini at a secluded place..



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