Sahaja Yoga helped me with my concussion

Sahaja Yoga helped me with my concussion





When-Where-How did you start Sahaja Yoga?

Before I started Sahaja Yoga a month ago, I had a lot of upheavals in my life, including most recently, managing post-concussive symptoms. It was the migraines that I decided to return to meditation, and found Sahaja Yoga. I cannot begin to describe how much it has benefited me physically, mentally, and spiritually.

What benefits did you get from Sahaja Yoga meditation?

I have had migraines ever since my accident, not just from barometer changes, but also from lights, noise and smells which occurred daily for four months straight. It had severely impacted my ability to work. My doctor’s only recommendation was to take pain killers which does not work all the time. After attending each of my meditation classes, my migraines would disappear. I found that daily meditation helped my migraines significantly without assistance to painkillers.

In addition, I found that my Kundalini has helped guide me to address past and present issues. To be so in tuned with your spirit is one of the most beautiful things that can happen. I feel truly blessed and thank Shri Mataji for giving us this beautiful gift.

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