Mother takes care of every moment. We just need to surrender

Mother takes care of every moment. We just need to surrender


Sunil Shahaji Arakh



When-Where-How did you start Sahaja Yoga?

At first I got realization in 2001 in Homeopathic Medical College. Where I was studying and few Sahaji’s came to give us Self-realization. But as I was not serious about spiritual path and made fun of all that event with friends. After that my mother and brother happened to visit Sahaja Yoga center at my native town. And they started doing it. But I was still not serious and I used to say that you people are weak by heart so you need these kind of things for life where I am strong I don’t need external support. But slowly slowly all my family started following it. My elder brother and younger too who was staying with me. In 2006 my father died of heart attack. But before his death I saw a dream that some one is pulling me and forcing me to sit for a Yagya ( Fire ritual where all negativity is suppose to be burned ). I saw a huge black colored Hanumana rising from that fire place and laughing very loudly. Same time I was too scared to scream. And I could feel whole left hand chakras moving so fast from wrist, then to elbow then shoulder and up in neck. The speed was so fast that I raised and dropped my left hand thrice in sleep. Then I woke up from sleep with fear. Then on the next day I saw another dream where I was standing in crowd. The place was open and huge like a farm. And people started moving saying that “Hey Shri Mataji is coming give side.” Then I saw Shri Mataji in white saree. Coming to me with smiling face and pointed finger to white colored temple telling me ”See! What a beautiful temple is built for me by my Children.” I could recognize Shri Mataji as I saw the photoof Her in my room my brother used for meditation. And then I asked my brother to give me Self-realization. And after few months I attended their international seminer at Bhugaon, Pune, Maharashtra, India. And was thrilled to see the place I had seen in my dream.

What benefits did you get from Sahaja Yoga meditation?

Benefits are many but the recent one I would share. It was Friday. Second last day of Navratri. I stay on rent. My flat it on first floor. Every morning I leave for job and my wife and my 2 yrs old son come in balcony to say good bye. So on Friday morning as usual I started my bike and while passing I looked up in balcony. There was no one. I thought they got busy in work. But suddenly I realized the girl from balcony of upper floor was telling me that my son fell down from balcony. I listened it but I thought she has gone mad…and suddenly I saw my son lying on ground with head down. Within a moment I realized the seriousness of situation. I threw my bike and bag and helmet and jumped from the wall compound. He had fallen from Height of 20-25 feet. And last year a boy of same age had fallen from upper floor who was in coma for 3 days and was hospitalized for a month. With lot of suturing, fracture of face bone, and mandible and he is totaly disfigured today. By those memories I was scared a lot but what I saw was within a minute till the time I reach to my son he himself got up from ground and started crying. I started checking his limbs, his head for injuries, I looked for any fracture any deformity. There was none! By the time my wife reached crying in anxiety worrying. She was totaly lost and crying loudly. Every one from building started telling us to take him to the hospital. Not a single drop of blood came. Still I took him to hospital. Doctor saw him said ” I dont think anything has happened. But to be sure we will take X-ray to see minore fracture. We did X-ray and was absolutly normal. Doctor said If you want, you can give him some analgesic syrup by the time he had started playing and laughing…We really don’t know how to thank Mother..For Her attention and care.

Additional Comments

Go through talks of Shri Mataji, go through all the literature all the lectures. Shri Mataji has shared everything. And If we learn everything no power, no negativity can touch us. Shri Mataji has given us all the tools to live a happy and joyful life.

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