Sahaja Meditation is priceless!

Sahaja Meditation is priceless!

I have been using this website’s online meditation courses and both the iPhone and iPad app for over a month now and finally, I am meditating! I started “meditating” several years ago only to learn that I was just practicing relaxation techniques, which are still good, but it’s not meditation. Then I searched for ways to learn how to really meditate but stumbled upon many false gurus who were more interested in what I could pay (I do not have a lot of money to give). Basically, they offered a sample of meditation techniques and “wisdom” but then I was asked to pay a lot of money for the full course. I wasn’t impressed with the samples and moved on. Then I found Sahaja Meditation and fell in love. I actually started meditating within in a few sessions and even started to realize that I was carrying guilt and resentment that I never knew were there. The self-reflection that occurs through Sahaja Meditation is priceless and I have become a better person because of it. I am much more mindful of my thoughts, words and actions and I am even much more calm. It’s interesting to learn about the left side of the body and the chakras because all of my health ailments have been left-side related. For instance, when I was diagnosed with a mild heart condition many years ago, it was the left ventricle. Then I had a vision issue and it was the left eye and now my left eye is weaker than the right. When I had ovarian cysts, they were on the left ovary and the abdominal pain I feel almost always occurs on the left side. When I got an ingrown toenail, it was on the left foot and when I had problems with my pectoral muscle, it as on the left side as well. I have had inner ear problems (vestibular, tinnitus, infections), as you guessed, in the left ear. And there are many other left-side issues that I have experienced as well. So, after discovering Sahaja Meditation, I finally realize that something has been blocking my chakras and causing my left side, in general, to flair up. I think it is more than a coincidence and I am so thankful for finding this website and finally learning how to properly meditate.

My advice to anyone starting up is to not rush it. There will be moments that are amazing but, sometimes nothing happens at all. Although I love the profound experiences, I also relish the simple silent moments. It’s best to not have any expectations and just experience what is occurring. I also suggest that if you have any profound moments of discovery, write them down in a journal so you can go back and reflect on them. You will find truth, it is in you, it just needs to be awakened. Pay close attention to the signs in and around you and keep an open mind. Thank you to whomever runs this wonderful website and as soon as I have extra money, I plan to donate as I think bettering oneself, which in turn betters the world, is indeed a worthy cause to support.

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