A Lifeline Through Sahaja Yoga

A Lifeline Through Sahaja Yoga

There was a poster advertising a lecture to be given by Shri Mataji at New Hall college in Cambridge when I started there in the autumn of 1982. I’d just come back from India where I had been doing some voluntary work in a centre for research into leprosy and I was aware that I didn’t know much about Indian sprituality and here was an opportunity to learn.

Actually at the time I was heartbroken because of a bad relationship and I do belive that Shri Mataji’s picture stopped me doing myself a real mischief one afternoon when I was feeling suicidal.

I really benefitted from being shown about Sahaja Yoga and different techniques like the bandhan and mantras and shoebeating and footsoaking. I have Jim and Hilary Thomas, Derek Lee and Barry West and Louis and Michelle to thank for that.

I went to talks given by Shri Mataji in Caxton Hall in London, and in Surbiton in 1983 (where Shri Mataji poetically said “What is the womb of a woman?” in a talk called “The Earth”. I contributed a little at the discussion on scholarship in Sheffield in 1985 and I went on the tour of Belgium and the Netherlands that summer. Being close to Shri Mataji does bring you a flood of vibrations.

I’ve not kept perfect mental health over the years and I have a diagnosis of schizophrenia but meditation helps keep me stable as well as the medication prescribed by the doctors. I feel vulnerable to the sound of coughing and traffic and Sahaja Yoga helps there. Shri Mataji is the only one to have really stressed the significance of guilt in people’s lives, and how damaging it can be. I also feel more reconciled to internal voices and unrequited love and unreciprocated letters too. Sahaja Yoga really is a tremendous gift and I don’t really know how people can do without it.

I’ve had various articles and pieces of writing published over the years, mainly since 2002, and in 2003 I was “highly commended” in the category of courage by the Beacon Fellowship Trust for writing about my schizophrenia and for spreading Sahaja Yoga. People can look them up by “Google searches” on the Internet.

Sahaja Yoga is the breakthrough that humanity needs and we in Sahaja Yoga need to try to convince others that this is the case however hard that task is.

Sahaja Yoga is a godsend, a gift from the Almighty and we need to hold Shri Mataji in our hearts and cherish and spread Her love.

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  • Jackie
    Jul 22, 2014
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    What a lovely and inspiring testimonial. I thik it is wonderful how Shri Mataji and her wonderful gift of Sahaja Yoga can bring such joy and freedom to the world. Andrews testimony is evidence of how restorative and nurturing Sahaja Yoga can be.

    Thank you Andrew, for sharing your experience and your journey and your hope for what Sahaja Yoga can bring to humanity.

    Jackie H.



  • Linda H.
    Jul 23, 2014
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    A powerful testimonial to the effectiveness of Sahaja Yoga. I didn’t get to meet Shri Mataji in person, but Just practicing the movements & affirmations has made an enormous difference to me. Thank you for sharing.



  • Lynda
    Aug 18, 2014
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    Thanks Andrew, I am also very grateful to Sahaja Yoga and to Shri Mataji (Mother) for being with me and helping me each and every day of my life. I wish I had been able to meet Shri Mataji (Mother) when she was still with us , that must have been wonderful. I am also so blessed to have an awesome collective group here in Canada, a wonderful spiritual family.



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