Meditation lecture by Shri Mataji in Berkeley, USA

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Duration: 25:30

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Meditation lecture in 2000 Berkeley, USA

Extracts from the video

…So today I’m going to tell you how you have to know yourself. First of all you must decide that you have been seeking, seeking, seeking and this is the place known for its seeking. It’s high time you better come to the end of it and seek what you have been seeking and you get it, that’s the promise. First and foremost thing, when we are seeking we should know what are we within ourselves. What do we know about ourselves is only through doctors, or through psychologists or some people, which is very superficial knowledge about ourselves. In our depth, in our within, what do we have which doctors don’t know, is the para-sympathetic nervous system. They don’t know. Sympathetic system is the system by which when we work very hard, we run and do all kinds of things, the sympathetic goes into action, heart will start beating fast. But what brings it to normal is the para-sympathetic and this is what we have to know within ourselves, that it exists and it operates automatically How it exists and how works out that’s why we have to know…

What has to happen is the awakening of this Kundalini. It’s an actualization, it is not just talking, giving lectures, you do this, you stand like this, put your hand this way, your legs that way, it’s not that. It is very simple, that this Kundalini, which is responsible for your last ascent, your, I should say, the last step in your evolution, this Kundalini is your own Mother and She cannot harm you. She can never do that. This is the fact I would like to tell you first of all. Because I know in America all kinds of people have come from India , those people also they were released from jail, wore some sort of a dress and came here. They are all minting money, that’s what they are doing, they are good at it. So if you have any understanding about Divinity you must understand that you cannot sell it and you cannot purchase it. If you can purchase some person then such a person cannot be your master, he can be your servant but not your master. So once you understand this point, it is very important for you people to know that it is not saleable because you know this is a consumer society, and everything has to be sold. But not spirituality, you cannot sell spirituality. And those who sell spirituality are spurious people, they are not real, they are absolutely bogus people as they call them, and you don’t waste your energy and money on them…

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