Meditation lecture by Shri Mataji in Vancouver, Canada

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Duration: 13:00

Meditation lecture in Vancouver, Canada 1989

Extracts from the video

We have to be the Spirit, we are not this body, we are not this channels either, we are not the subconscious and we are not the supra-conscious. We are not this ego, or these conditioning and these habits because we say, “ I have got habits.” So who is this I? “ I have got children”, who is the I? “I have got two eyes”, who is this I? We never say “I am the eyes.” So in subtle ways we know that I is different. When the doctors also call it as the autonomic nervous system, they should ask one question: who is this auto? Auto means the one who drives the car, for example we call it automobile but there has to be a driver. So one has to realize that there is something missing still in a human awareness and that’s why all these problems of different types are a reason suddenly (startlingly?) we are facing them, like ecological problems, all kinds of imbalances in life have come…

The Spirit is the one, which is the source of absolute truth, absolute love we can call it, a complete pure love and it is pure knowledge. This Spirit is within us in our heart, only thing it has to now manifest into our attention and when it manifest in our attention even our attention becomes very powerful. Even with your attention you can do many things, of course all benevolent, nothing harmful or destructive. You can pay attention to somebody and it works so wonderfully, all these things are within us like a computer we are. We are already a computer in a way because we don’t have to program ourselves to see what is the color of this and that, but this computer is a Divine computer and a new race comes up out of this which is enlightened, which has collective consciousness, which has the power. So such a person become extremely dynamic very powerful at the same time extremely compassionate and loving and patient. He becomes very peaceful. This is the personality advantage but he gets powers to raise the Kundalini. He can raise the Kundalini of others, like one light which is enlightened can enlighten another light, in the same way, you can have the power to raise the Kundalini and give realization to others…

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