Vitr do Dlane

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Duration: 3:09

Sahaja Yoga music group from Czech Republic performing in a  meditation program.

The Czech music band Vitr do dlane (Wind in Hands) was established eight years ago. The love to the music, to India, its melodies and rhythms and most of all the love to Sahaja Yoga was what brought them together and what they wanted to transmit in this way to the audience. At the concerts. they try to bring nearer the “Indian traditional song” (in Marathi, Sanskrit and Hindi languages), which plays an important role in the Indian culture and which roots stretch deep back. When at the concert gathers enough perceptive audience,then they usually make a short meditation, which mostly completely changes the whole atmosphere in the hall. The audience receives their first experience with the cool breeze, chakras, self-realization

The musical instrumentation of the band is formed out of guitar, flute, the African jambe exchanged the Indian dholak, and different smaller percussions. Even the lovers of the Indian classical music could very much enjoy during the last year, because there was at least a short piece of rag at each concert, performed by our solo-singer accompanied by the flute, and so it tuned our audience on the meditative wave up…

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