Love is the biggest boon on human beings!

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Duration: 30:22

A historical lecture by Shri Mataji on love and the creation.

Italy, 2007

Extracts from the talk

The fragrance of humans
What is the fragrance in a human being? It is his nature, his temperament, how he is and how he behaves towards others. All the countries all over still are not aware that you have to become fragrant. If they were to be aware, then all wars would end and everything would finish off and they would know we are all one.

The country of love
This is a very big achievement. It was never there as there is no fragrance in the soil, no fragrance in the human beings. Now that has come. Now you have got the capacity to love each other and to help each other and to understand each other, not to criticize and not to insult or in any way defame them.

In love you don’t see wrong things. You just enjoy love. And that is what is to be seen in this, today’s puja, is that “Do we bear any hatred for anyone? Do we have ill feeling for anyone or for any country?” You should try to examine yourself.

Love is the message
Why did Adi Shakti create this world? Why did all this happen? Why don’t we think why so much of love, so much of prosperity has been given to us? We never realize where we are and how much we have got. It’s not the money, but the love. And when you will understand that we really love each other and there is no hatred, there is no revenge, nothing, but just love and love and love – this is what is the message of today.

Understanding love
One has to first understand what is love, also to understand whether you love or not. If you really love the world, if you really love this creation of God, then there should be no hatred, there should be no fights, but just to see the good points. As a mother would see her child, you should see the whole world as the beautiful place that God has created for you.

Love is the biggest, biggest boon on human beings, which, if you utilize, there will be no problem of any kind.

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  • nelufur
    Oct 24, 2009
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    Love is the purest and strongest bond that strenghten every relationship.



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    dear admin,
    i am not able to see any of the videos…pleas let me know if any plugins are required



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