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5 minute Guided Meditation

5 minutes guided meditation

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Meditate with Shri Mataji 2

The following guided meditation led by Shri Mataji is a very unique meditation technique known as Self-realization or Kundalini awakening which is the fundamentals of the true meditation. With the help of Kundalini, one can easily reach the state of mental silence or thoughtless awareness…

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Asthma treatment through Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Given the effects of meditation on reducing sympathetic activity and respiratory rates, several studies have investigated whether meditation would have an effect on respiratory diseases such as Asthma…

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Sahaja Yoga Meditation on Rogers TV

An introduction to Sahaja Yoga Meditation by meditation practitioners with practical session…

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Interview with Shri Mataji in USA Part 2

Second part of TV interview with Shri Mataji for Reel Women’s program in USA evolution, Holy Ghost and cool breeze.

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Positive effects of Sahaja Yoga Meditation

TV interview with Dr Ramesh Manocha about the positive effects of Sahaja Yoga Meditation on the brain.

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Positive results in managing ADD

The Royal Hospital of the Woman in Sydney is taking the notion one step forward by trialing meditation as a treatment for children with ADD.

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Meditation on Agnya chakra

This two petalled center is called Agnya and is located where the two optic nerves cross each other in the brain (Optic chiasma).

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Scientific approach to Sahaja Yoga

In this video, Shri Mataji is explaining the effects of Sahaja Yoga meditation, the causes of the Psychosomatic Diseases and their relation with the chakra system.

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Power of Kundalini

A short interview with Shri Mataji about the power of Kundalini and its effects on the incurable diseases.

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