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Asthma treatment through Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Given the effects of meditation on reducing sympathetic activity and respiratory rates, several studies have investigated whether meditation would have an effect on respiratory diseases such as Asthma…

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Positive effects of Sahaja Yoga Meditation

TV interview with Dr Ramesh Manocha about the positive effects of Sahaja Yoga Meditation on the brain.

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Positive results in managing ADD

The Royal Hospital of the Woman in Sydney is taking the notion one step forward by trialing meditation as a treatment for children with ADD.

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Scientific approach to Sahaja Yoga

In this video, Shri Mataji is explaining the effects of Sahaja Yoga meditation, the causes of the Psychosomatic Diseases and their relation with the chakra system.

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Breathing exercise for the Heart chakra

The Heart chakra controls breathing by regulating the functioning of heart and the lungs. Through deep and relaxed breathing, the air element can help relief tensions at the heart level.

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