First Canadian Tour of Indian Classical Music Master Pt. Bhaskar Subramanian

Pandit Subramanian is renowned all over India for his classical and devotional music. He has traveled to 15 countries around the world to promote the divine music of India. Music which appeals to the spirit helps transport the human being to the state of true meditation and brings nourishment to their inner self. If you enjoy cultural music, come for an evening of first-class performance close to you. During the event, an experienced instructor will guide the audience through a first experience of Sahaja Yoga Meditation. ALL CONCERTS ARE FREE TO THE PUBLIC.

Invitation to Experience Meditation in London, ONTARIO – CANADA

On January 19th , 2013 Sahaja Yoga will launch a free five week meditation program for all people interested in learning how to meditate. Participants will be given the tools to start 2013 in a positive way, by learning a form of meditation that promotes healthy living through mental silence and relaxation. Four experienced practitioners will offer their knowledge of exercises and treatments, while musicians will support the program with their performance of Indian Classical Music.

R/evolution Ontario Invitation – December 8, 2012

At different stages in the history of mankind, a revolutionary event happens that changes everything for everyone. It can be a social, political, religious, economic or even a technological change. In 1970, the birth of Sahaja Yoga Meditation triggered a series of events that allowed human beings to experience bliss and joy like never before. On December 8th, 2012 you will have an opportunity to be part of this R/Evolution yourself…